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Bill & Brendas RV-8 QB
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Date:  11-14-2014
Number of Hours:  1.50
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  wig wag gremlin search

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log 2/2 today
The wig wag was working at one time this summer and now its acting up. I dont know if there is an internal problem with the flasher unit or if there is a wiring issue.
My wig wag is set up to turn on even if the light are off just by flipping on the wig wag switch

initial problem was taht the HID landing light does not work with the flasher unit I have because it doesnt detect a load there. I had fixed that problem with a resistor from the flasher and then grounding it. That semed to work for awhile

Now when I turn the master power switch on, the flasher unit makes that switching sound like a turn signal makes and does so with the wig wag off and the lights off! Why? I dont know.

So, I removed the lower console today and checked things over and played with the resistors etc all just trying to get this to work as before. No Go!

Not sure what next action will be but I might try swapping out the flasher unit and if that doesnt work maybey try a flasher that is led compatable and if that doesnt work I can try to install a switch that I can use to power of the flasher. If all else fails, I will just get rid of the wig wag all together. More latere.
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