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Bill & Brendas RV-8 QB
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Date:  11-8-2011
Number of Hours:  4.75
Manual Reference:  OP-2
Brief Description:  Rear seat throttle mounting-2

1. Practiced drilling out a scrap piece of 5/16 O.D, AT and then tapping to 1/4-28NF. After satisfied, I drilled both ends of the throttle push rod to first 13/64 and then to 7/32" before tapping to 1/4-28 1 inch deep on each end.

2. On the mounting plate, I finished the countersinking for flush rivits needed to mount 4 plate nuts behind. Squeezed the rivits and nutplates together and test fit.

3. Bent the top aprox 2 3/4 inch of throttle lever with 1 inch radius to my liking

4. Cut two 5 inch lengths of uhmw plastic strips and then measured and drilled 4 #30 holes evenly spaced. Applied some double sided tape to them and attached to the armrest slightly inside the cut out slot. I attached the lever to the mount and clecoed in position. Butted the plastic up to the lever and match drilled the 4 holes through the armrest on ech strip. Removed and deburred

5. Dimpled the previously drilled holes in armrest

6. Cleaned and primered everything

7. Machine countersunk the plastic strips and installed nwith cs4-4 blind rivits

8. Checked the gap with the lever and found it too tight. I began the fileing and sanding ritual to get a smooth action. Not done yet as it still grabs in 2 places . I will work more on this later

9. Temp installed the lever to mount plate and screwed the mount plate in place on the bulkheads and armrest
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1/4"-28 tap in the throttle push rod

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5" uhmw plastc strips rivited to the underside of armrest

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Throttle lever, mounting plate and plastic guide strips all in stalled temp.

Throttle lever, mounting plate and plastic guide strips all in stalled temp.

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