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Bill & Brendas RV-8 QB
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Date:  4-4-2015
Number of Hours:  0.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Slow flight test and Autopilot basic ops check

No pics. Sorry!
Flew for 1.5 hours fast and hard for about 70 minutes. Seating the rings I hope! After the fast flying, I then slowed to speeds to test handling at 100 knts and then 90 then 80kts at 80 knots I deployed flaps. Tests were just 360 degree turns left and right. Also did acceleration test fro slow flight and then back again. I used position lights and strobes during flight this time. I also powered up the stall warner and trutrak auto pilot. Problems I experienced were: The autopilot did not show direction. I had good gPS signal but no direction in AP head indicated. The stall warner activated during landing when tail came down to ground and stayed on during the rollout. Engine baffle seal on left side unseals during flight.
I have fixed the gps to trutrak serial comm. The baud rates didnt match! I had changed the baud rate in trutrak during a fine tuning of its menue functions awhile back I think. I get the proper reading now but wont know until the airplane is up to minimal speed to see if its working properly.
I previously had poor sealing baffle seal in center of aft baffle. Problem fixed when I simply unattached the two seals where they overlap eachother. This allowed the airpressure to move them up to seal pproperly in that area. The intake side on left is probably going to require a redo as I think its too short and the air is pushing away from its mating surface.
Surprisingly enough, I still have not noted any leaks, or strange sounding engine noises or hesitation. All gap seals have stayed put and the electrical stuff appears to be working.
What a blast this is!!!!
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