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Date:  9-30-2016
Number of Hours:  15.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Holy CRAP...did I do that?

WEll, there isnt any evidence of what the problem was traced to, that caused all the hub-bub on #3.The replacement cylinder did not fix the problem, and I did repay Sonex for my now extra clyinder barrell. Oh well. I hope they appreciated my payment for my foolishment.

Now on to that subject...what happened?

When I was assembling the engine, I had the cylinder base shims on the bench all at once, with the .060" and .090" shims in their little respective piles near each other. I had been truning my back on those little buggers putting things on the engine case, and while I had my said back turned, those little guys scrambled themselves togewther into a mess on the benchtop. Now I had not noticed this little dance, and unknowingly added one .060 to #3 and a .090 to #4. and proceeded with assembly, installation, prep for start and running, without being aprised of the aforementioned little dance that had gone on, on the bench top with the two shim sizes, until I had spent $$ for a new barrell , copper gaskets, and time for consternation over the entire situation.It finally dawned on this old dummie as to what was the final part that had not been changed. I had religious;ly taked each shim off and put it right back onto the new cylinder. I had even swapped #3 to #4, and #4 to #3, with no thought of changing the base shims. That caused the problem to migrate to #4, and cost me $57+ for the barrell.

End result: Assembly fault be a faulty ass...embler! Putting the same thickness shim on both #3& #4, at the same time mind you, ceased all problems, and now each and every cylinder shows over 77/80 for the initial compression reference number. And now I can continue

I did run the engine several times more, adjusted the Aeroinjector needle to a #3, reset the electronic ingnition retarded a bit, reset idle , and found the RPM insturment was off by 3 to 500 high, and the CHT readings were reading in reverse.Experimentation found I needed ungrounded CHT probes. I modified the Sonex ones and all works correctly.
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