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Date:  10-13-2017
Number of Hours:  7.60
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  updates after flights

It has been a very long time since I have updated here. I have now gained 7.6 hours flight time since first flight on 7/20/17. Most have been very benificial data wise, with two notable excaptions. There was a minor mistake while building the RH wing flap hinge location...too far forward... and didnt allow the flap to come up fully into slipstream. This caused a pretty heavy left wing, and I fixed that by moving the RH wing aft spar half hinge, aft 1/8 inch to its proper position, like the LH flap is. Then incrementally adjusting the remaining heaviness out by installing just about one degree deflection differential for the stowed position on the left flap. Now Sirpeedee flies hands off and dosent surprise me with anything unexpected, with that being very very slight LH roll because of someones fat butt on the left side of the central axis. I wonder just what that means??!!

Ok, now that is fixed, the next near catastrophy was that the tail wheel spring( a 7/8 in dia Titanium rod) broke on taxi out maybe three/four weeks ago?), causing the rudder to contact the ground. No damage that one would notice if one didnt know what happened, except that titanium isnt susposed to snap off like a candy cane at Christmas! The break was about 1.5 inched inside the TW mount, and appairently due to a very very small bit of welding slag I did not remove when first assembled. Its gone now, and a new rod is in service and has survived several flights. I may have exasserbated its demise with the learning curve I have for landing flares, but I am learning fast!!

The AeroVee 2.1 engine is doing well and people say it sure sounds strong. I am getting to trust it a bit more as time is put on. I probably will feel better when I have 20/30 hours on it, but for now I stay close to the field just in case. the one problem I have had was a stuck oil pressure regulator valve. It stuck closed and caused the OP to run up to over 100 psi, way more that 60-65 that is normal. New engine debries was the culprit. Its ok now.
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