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Date:  8-26-2018
Number of Hours:  6.00
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Still working on the baffling. Good word, bafflilng. The manual sucks. It's only a bit worse than the fit of the parts. For anyone who might try this themselves, do not try to attach parts in the sequence suggested without also pre-fitting the next two or three parts in sequence. They ultimately all have to fit together, and must be installed with reference to the mating part. Moreover, as I found out today, the front right baffle simply did not fit, by at least 1/2 inch, which had to be cut or ground off.

Yesterday and the day before I experienced the joy of drilling, countersinking, etc. the six brackets supporting the right and left decks. The problem is that they are stainless steel. My hint is to use new drill bits, very slow speed, and flood the drill with alcohol during the process. Still takes a really long time compared to aluminum.
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