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Date:  4-9-2019
Number of Hours:  20.00
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It's been quite a while since I've logged any progress, though I still work on the plane almost every day. The big progress since February is that the cabin door is now on its hinges and the strut is attached. The door works great and fits very well. I still have body work to do on the inside and outside of the door, but I'm quite satisfied with the rusults so far. I'm not mounting the latches yet, and will not do so until the top if the fuselage is mated to the bottom.
In addition to the door, I've been finishing up little things that need to be done before removing the top of the fuselage and fitting the air plenum and windows. Once I remove the top, it might be quite a while before fitting the top for good, so I want to do as much now as I can that is dependent on having the fuselage in place, even temporarily.
Certianly I did not spend twenty hours on the plane today, but since February I know that I've spent multiples of that amount of time, so decided that twenty was a conservative number.
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