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Date:  12-27-2014
Number of Hours:  4.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  air worthiness inspection

So Vic Syracuse and his wife flew in today and did the inspection. wow, he has a really nice RV10!! we started with the paper work, and i had my friends Cat and Matt get some additional copies made of the required paperwork (luckly the FBO next door has a printer and Cat has a magnetic smile!!). then Vic started looking the plane over. found a couple of things which i fixed right away on the engine. i'm really glad i had a guy with a ton of RV experience do my inspection, cause there was no question that he knew exactly what he was looking at. after it was all said and done, he handed me my certificate and operating limits! i could not be happier! thanks to Vic for such a good inspection, i feel confident going into the first flight. he told me to stop thinking like a builder now, and to think like a pilot. good advice.
thanks to all who helped in this journey, i would not be here with out a lot of support. thanks to Pam for letting me build and spend so much time on this project. now the fun begins!
time to put it back together and get to flying!!
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