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Date:  2-12-2024
Number of Hours:  4.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Assembled Both Ailerons' Ribs

Assembled Both Ailerons' Ribs.

All of the parts were deburred.

Parts were dimpled for AN427-4 rivets. Some holes need to be countersunk for AN-427-4 rivets. Some holes, where nutplates need to be installed, were countersunk for AN427-3 rivets.

The inboard and outboard hinge assembles were riveted together.

Two holes in the inboard hinge assemblies needed to be countersunk for #10 countersunk screws. For those holes, the instructions say to drill those holes to #12 size but they need to be drilled to #10. Drilling to #12 creates holes that are too small for the #10 countersink pilot.
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