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Date:  11-24-2013
Number of Hours:  48.00
Manual Reference:  none
Brief Description:  Avionics Work Continued

Nov 20-25. Hours 48

I continued working the panel with routing of wires and termination of various system wire to various system parts. I was able to connect many of the VPX-Pro connections but will still have mare to terminate once the panel fuselage piece is riveted in place. I terminated as many wires as I could for the O2 system and CO system while I had the panel laying in the apartment hangar.

I had to correct a couple of pins that connect to the Garmin GMU22. A ground wire and RS232 wire was in the wrong locations from Stein. I added the O2 and CO2 audio wires to the PMA8000BT audio panel. I wired the passenger audio mute function on J2-13,14 together. AUX enable goes low when AUX button is on. May be used for passenger mute inhibit by connection to pin 13.

I wired in the Cabin 2-way light switch and the Tie Down light switch plus a switch to control the AC Compressor independent of the AC Control module. This switch will light up (internal led) when the AC Control module is commanding the AC Compressor on, but the AC Compressor will not turn on until the switch is filled up to the ON position. This is so I can control the AC Compressor and know when the AC Control module is commanding it to be on.

I removed several of the voltage and amperage measuring wires from the GAD29 since the VP-X will handle the processing of the information and then hand off this to the G3X.
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