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Date:  9-28-2013
Number of Hours:  8.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Various Cable Routing throughout Fuselage

Sept 28th, 2013, 8 Hours

I received from Stein various wire I had previously order with the avionics that was mistakenly left out of the initial shipment so i went about running it throughout the fuselage. I routed a 5 conductor shield wire from the MH Oxygen bottle to the controller that will be mounted on the panel. I then ran the four separate cables required for the 4 individual controllers to the main control head in the panel.

I routed the rudder trim, 5 conductor no shield wire. I routed the pitch trim servo, 5 conductor no shield wire. The pitch servos wire runs near the pitch servo (GSA-28) and has a 9 pin connector inline near the the pitch servo. The reason for the 9 pin connector is for an entry point for the GSA-28 servo “trim” white wires to be connected to the elevator trim. Essentially the GSA-28 servo wire already has the four control wires (2 wires to the trim switch in this case VPX-Pro and 2 wires to the trim servo itself). Since the GSA-28 has an auto trim feature it needs to be connected between the switch and trim servo so it can auto trim and allow the user to trim the elevator also.
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