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Date:  1-18-2020
Number of Hours:  4.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Started riveting

Started fuselage re-assembly in earnest today.
Beth helped me move the fuselage to a better spot in the garage to put everything together and helped me put the center fuselage back into position.
I put the left side skin on and riveted the baggage ribs to F706. It was a huge pain and I don't really like a couple of the rivets. I'll have to see about fixing them when I flip the fuselage over.
The best part of today was seeing all the dimples and countersinks sitting flush and the grey interior color coming together.
After taking a lot of time to make sure everything was aligned properly, I started riveting the fuselage.
I am trying to rivet everything I can get to myself before having my son come out and help me get the stuff I can't reach.
The pictures show the first rivet that should have been easy to get but the other rivets I drove months ago are interfering. I had to leave this for when my son was available so I could devote all my attention to getting the bucking bar on the shop head of the rivet.
I used the squeezer to get most of the longerons and the forward rivets on F715. One of the surprising spots is the F715 rib because of the nutplates. If I were to do this again, I wouldn't put the nutplates in before riveting them to the side skins.
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