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Date:  6-25-2007
Number of Hours:  7.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Windscreen fit, more cap strips and canopy fit

Refined windscreen fit. Cut lower edge to fit roll bar just above front deck skin per DWG 43 and notes from internet. Drilled canopy front cap strips to canopy with strap duplicator from Cleaveland Tools. Canopy bearings still rubbing on rails. Narrowed "relaxed" front canopy bow dinension (across square tube outside to outside dimension) from 42 1/2" to 42 1/4". Installed dimension = 42 11/16". Bent front canopy bow on jig table. Rollers still rub outer edge of tracks. Should have narrowed relaxed frame dimension to 42", or 5/8" less than desired installed dimension.
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