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Patrick Kelley (Flion)
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Date:  10-21-2009
Number of Hours:  3.50
Manual Reference:  8-12
Brief Description:  Riveting skeleton into HS skins

Riveting the skins again, got the nose ribs in, the forward spar riveted to the nose ribs, and part of the spar riveted to the skins. Looks to be another couple of days riveting left. I'm not counting these rivets in the total (which is intended to be a count of the rivets in the aircraft, but I'm redoing all the skin rivets in the HS plus 48 rivets in the skeleton for an additional 1002 rivets in the project.

This time, the HS is at the back of the hangar and I will be sure to remove it from the cradle and immediately bubble-wrap it and store it once it is finished!
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