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Patrick Kelley (Flion)
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Date:  8-11-2011
Number of Hours:  3.60
Manual Reference:  None
Brief Description:  Prepare for riveting

While I was installing the Marker Beacon antenna, I noticed a couple of missing nutplates in the outboard seat rail supports. When I checked, sure enough, they were missing on the other side too. I couldn't get the squeezer in there so I had to set the rivets with the gun. I removed all the conduit, marking where they came from so I could replace them once the side skins were riveted. Then I began removing the left side structure for deburring and countersinking/dimpling. I also removed the right side seat back attachment and longeron as the assembly begins there. I vaccumed and cleaned out the fuselage floor also in preparation.

Starting with the seat back rail, I deburred parts and countersunk the aft longerons. Then I took the longerons and the baggage door seals, made from angle, and primed them. While waiting for primer to dry, I started countersinking the left door sill deck. The cage wont fit the end flanges or the last hole at either end, so I used a hand tool to countersink them (quite time-consuming on the flange holes. When the primer had dried, I clecoed the seat back rail and longerons back in place.

Rivet count: 8 Total: 11233 - Plus 549 done at Van's
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