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Patrick Kelley (Flion)
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Date:  3-13-2011
Number of Hours:  6.00
Manual Reference:  13-3.4 to 13-5
Brief Description:  Added nutplats and tiedown to right wing

I riveted all the nutplates to the spar. David Sanders dropped by while I was doing this and it developed he had not yet done any riveting (he's partner with Brad Ransom in an RV-6A but Brad does the building), so I showed him how to use a squeezer and set some rivets. He was nice enough to take a picture of me for my logbook.

After the nutplates were installed, I countersunk the screw holes using Van's suggested method of a #40 countersink in the #6 nutplates and a #30 countersink in the #8 nutplates. I used the respective dimple templates to set the depth.

Next I fabricated the tiedown by using the chop saw to trim the stock to 7.125". This was not entirely satisfactory but after cleaning up the cut, I still had 7.0625". I then tapped the cut end and drilled the first hole and used the factory-squared end to locate the part on the spar. After drilling the tiedown to the spar, I cleaned up the holes and used a nutplate to drill the nutplate attach holes. I countersunk them and then primed the tiedown. I also final drilled the holes in the aileron pivot angles.

After the primer had dried, I attached the nutplates and then bolted the tiedown to the spar. Then I added the rivets and finally set the spar aside on the wing cradles to give me more room to work on the left spar. I have not drilled the outer bay through the spar, where the AOA lines will penetrate from reat to front because I am still trying to locate a suitable conduit; I think the lines are just to flexible to allow to flop around. So far the best I have found is 3/8" split conduit used in electronics.

Rivet count: 172 Total: 6211 - Plus 549 done at Van's
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