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Patrick Kelley (Flion)
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Date:  5-20-2010
Number of Hours:  4.00
Manual Reference:  25-3.4 to .7
Brief Description:  Match Drill landing gear mounts to spar

Drilled the mounts to the forward spar. Why did this take 4 hours? Because both the drill bushings I got from Van's were a tight press fit into the bolt holes, so I could only drill two holes at a time. Then I had to unbolt everything so I could get at the other side of the spar and use a drift pin to drive the bushings back out. Then reassemble and do the next two holes. The benefit was that each time I had two more bolts holding the mount more tightly to the spar as I drilled. The other time-consuming thing was counter-sinking for the #10 screws. Note to other builders who read this: invest in a #10 pilot countersink; both the single flute and triple flute countersinks 'chattered', requiring me to finish by hand to get a good countersink. Using a hand drill requires a piloted countersink.

I also disassembled the battery mount and A/C inlet/outlet assemblies and countersunk/dimpled as required so I could take them to the powder coating place; I'm intending to have the louvers and mount parts coated black.
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