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Patrick Kelley (Flion)
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Date:  7-19-2008
Number of Hours:  6.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Tested and purged fuel system

Made some adjustment to canopy latches; more will be necessary. Installed external fuel pump to selector valve in preparation for fuel system purge and rolled plane from hangar. Received 19 gal. of 100LL from Wiseman Aviation into left tank, no leaks observed. While waiting for helper, took .050 sheet to Wiseman and used shear to cut 2.5" strips for cowling camloc installation.

When Judith arrived, I hooked the pump to my truck's battery and had her stand by with a fire extinguisher. I set the selector to left tank and put the nozzle in the left filler and ran the pump for 10 minutes, allowing the fuel to circulate through the external filter. I shook the wing to help any debris to make their way to the filter. No leaks were observed during this time. I then stopped the pump, moved the nozzle to the right filler, and transferred fuel to the right tank until only unusable fuel was left in the left tank. I then repeated the 10 minute purge for the right tank. Again, no leaks were observed. I transferred about three gallons back to the left tank and then shut off the fuel selector to empty the external pump lines before removing the pump. Part of the transfer for each tank was done with the source tank filler closed to verify that the vents were drawing air.

Next I replaced the line from the return check-valve to the selector and tightened the connections. With the selector on the right (fuller) tank, I operated the electric boost pump. A couple of connections forward of the firewall were found to have not been tightened; they were torqued down and the test repeated until no fuel leaked. With the throttle wide open, fuel was seen coming from the throttle body, so the fuel system is now tested and operational.
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