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Patrick Kelley (Flion)
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Date:  7-24-2017
Number of Hours:  45.00
Manual Reference:  None
Brief Description:  Troubleshoot/repair left ignition

This is maintenance but it's rather major. It's also a precursor entry that I will be removing the instrument panel this Fall to let Aerotronics rebuild it to replace the obsolete Blue Mountain EFIS and add ADSB capability. So, I've been doing the slowest possible condition inspection. During this inspection I have removed the BMA autopilot and servos in anticipation of the panel change. I am not planning on replacing the autopilot as I rarely used it - mainly just to test the autopilot.

I am also swapping the LSE ignition boxes to see if the problem follows the box or not. If not, it's wiring and I will have to track that down and fix it or make the decision to ground it until the new panel is in place. If it is the box, Klaus has already agreed to upgrade the boxes, which should take care of repairing a faulty box. Why is it taking so long? Because the beautiful mounting system I made, which was so easy to work with before the panel was installed, is a nightmare to work with now that the panel is in place. Ironically, it's the left ignition box that is the hard one to get to. I spent literally hours trying to loosen one connector screw, and I had to remove the EFIS from the panel to reach the box's mounting screws. I'm solving the connector screw problem by replacing them with knurled thumbscrews, but I intend to attack the mounting issue when the panel is being replaced; this is a note to myself of my intention.
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