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Tolliver's RV7A Factory
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Date:  12-26-2005
Number of Hours:  3.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Back at it

Cleaned up the shop. Changed the bandsaw blade. Tested out the new blade on some scrap. Works like a charm.I bought this new rivet removal tool from Spruce since I was having trouble drilling out bad ones. This thing works really nice. I went ahead and drilled out the bad ones I marked on the aft fuselage.In preparing the center section for attaching to the aft I had to remove flap control section. I went ahead and left the delrin blocks in place with the bolts and I still needed to add the 2 platenuts for the center delrin block.Drilled, deburred and dimpled the baggage rib and riveted the 2 platenuts in place and stored the flap control rod.
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