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Bills Safari Adventure
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Date:  3-7-2011
Number of Hours:  3.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Wire CoPilot Cyclic

I am using the Infinity Grip for the Cyclic. It will control

1. Hat Switch (Future Trim? or EFIS Functions)
2. Ident
3. Landing Light
4. Acknowlege EFIS alarms
5. PTT

I am forgetting something but don't feel like going out to the schematic to see what it is.

I am using Mil Spec cannon plugs. These are really nice but a pain to install. Each wire has to be terminated into a very small pin, the pin then gets inserted into the plug, There are 10 pins per plug on each side of the plug. Therefore each plug (pilot or copilot) has 20 connections.

FYI each grip has 15 wires, each plug has 10 connectors, hmmm. I have 2 ground plugs each with two other grounds soldered to them. If you look closely at the pictures I think you can see where I used heat shrink to protect the solder joints.

I got the CoPilot done except for inserting them into the plug.
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Cyclic Wiring

Cyclic Wiring

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