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Hong Kong Waiex
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Date:  9-8-2011
Number of Hours:  2.00
Manual Reference:  WIX-W03
Brief Description:  Counterbalance - 2nd Lead attempt

"I wasn't really happy with the first balances I made as they did not appear to be heavy enought o offsett the weight of the aileron as designed so I made a better Full mould to allow a heavier more accurate balance.

I remelted and added more lead to the supplied lead I had already used on my first moulding. I made a mould that allowed a bit longer length to the balance so I could trim to the required length. So I made 2 balances and then driled the holes out. I trimmed the length on the bandsaw. No Problems, only wish I had the bandsaw when I first attempted the lead before butchering the supplied block from Sonex!!

Tip: lubricate the drill bit or saw blade with WD40 or other!

I then attached with the required bolts to the ailerons and tightened them up after reaming out to the good fit required. Ailerons complete."
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