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Hong Kong Waiex
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Date:  5-18-2011
Number of Hours:  0.10
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Brief Description:  Limted primers in Hong Kong

"Today I found a source for the priming aerosol I intend to use. It is very difficult here in Hong Kong to find a suitable product as there are no General Aviation outlets like Wicks or Aircraft Spruce. So I have sourced an Automotive Product under the Sikkens brand. This company is owned by Akzo Noble which has a line of Aerospace products so it is a genuine brand. It compliers with EU VOC and epa standards and has a 15 page spec sheet and technical information.

The big issue is that I dont have to import something at huge expense from the USA or other and pay for Hazardous materials shipping costs (expensive)! Now I have a supplier locally it is a load off my mind nad a relief to the wallet if it works and is suitable.

The product is Sikkens Washprimer 1K CF (Aerosol).

It is designed for Aluminium auto repairs such as for an Audi or Lamborghini so it must be able to handle speed and adverse weather. I am not going to start another debate whcih has been done to death on builders website forums.

My view is that the Sonex aircraft dont require priming due to the 6061 alloy material used however if you choose to prime, a suitable product should be used. If any product is used it is better than none. I am aiming to prime all internal ribs and surfaces that are away from view or having metal to metal contact. This has to help prevent corrosion and give me a good 'feeling' that I have done something to protect this aircraft.

If I have any bad results with it I will go with Plan B after I work out what Plan B is. There was another product available called HD Self etching primer that I can try if this one doesnt do well.

I will try with the rudder first and see how I like it.

Having now painted the rudder and aileron using this system this is what I think:
It is exactly the colour I want. I was after the similar priming yellow green as used in the Boeings aircraft and this is a perfect match. As for its durability I have yet to expose it to general wear and tear."
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