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Hong Kong Waiex
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Date:  2-13-2012
Number of Hours:  0.10
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Brief Description:  Kit Log Interruption

This is the continuation of the weblog that I started but was interrupted after a motherboard replacement by a HK computer technician!!

The files were not locatable for the software although it appears that the log is still live on the internet thank goodness.

I have not added to the log for a while but will update things now as I am confident that it is now back on track.

So on this web kitbuild log there is missing AILERONS, RUDDER, STABILATOR, RUDDERVATORS, FLAPS. So I am sorry this is not available to read I am using a recovery download from the software provider so I have a hard copy and I can reload it all if I have time or the motivation. Not at this stage.
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