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Hong Kong Waiex
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Date:  5-28-2017
Number of Hours:  2.50
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Elevator cover, Flap lever mount bracket

After a longer than necessary break due other activities like managig a house build and few other things like shoulder surgery I managed to get into the shed and pick up again the project.

I started by preparing the flap control cover in the floor of the fuselage near the seat pan. This has the top hat assembly which covers the control rod so nothing gets caught. I located the top hat cover into position and drilled the pilot holes. after this I was able to fashion a template for the drill holes for the little racket screw mounts for the top hat to be located. I drilled these out and recessed the holes to take the flush rivets. A fiddly job but managed enough to get the 8 brackets secure. I upsized the holes so that the screws can be entereed with a 5/32 drill piece. I need to prime and paint the cover later.

I also finished the elevator -16 assembly locaing the AN14A screew bolt in place with castle nut and split pin. the bushes were oiled as per plan and moved nicely under test.

I moved onto the Flap lever handloe mount. The angles were found and located on the left side of hte fuselage wall 200mm down from the cross rail as per plan. After marking the front vertical angle it was secured and screwed for pilot holes. The afte vertical bracket was also mounted with the flap position angle in tact for fitting. Both angles were pilot driven and upsized ready for rivetting after painting.

The workshop was cleaned up and radied for more work to come when I am able.
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