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Hong Kong Waiex
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Date:  2-8-2014
Number of Hours:  3.00
Manual Reference:  WIX-F11
Brief Description:  Firewall

I positioned the engine firewall on the front frame now the cross ties have been drilled into position. I had to trim the corners of the sheet so the curvature of the aluminium angle is taken into account. A common issue but an easy remedy and you are only talking about a couple of mm to round it nicely.

The stainless steel firewall fit very snug between the engine cowling hinges and the top and bottom cross ties. All mesurements and levels were checked and then I clamped into place for drilling. I drilled all holes to No.40 size. This completes the main external sheeting for the fuselage and now it is upto the internal structure of the floor, seat and flight controls.

Once the front fuselage assembly is all clecoed and in place I can then upsize the holes ready for dissassembly, priming and then riveting.

The strength of the structure is being built in very quickly now.
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