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Date:  5-13-2014
Number of Hours:  3.00
Manual Reference:  Onex Tail Kit
Brief Description:  Onex Revisions Log

Familiarized myself with the Drawing System Description (ONX-B02) and the Drawing Tree (ONX-B03).

Reviewed Onex Tail Kit Preview Plans that I received with the kit for any outstanding “Required” and “Optional” Drawing Revisions listed on

Made pen & ink changes to the plans to reflect updates and documented same in the Revision Block. Printed applicable Revisions, References, and Supplement .pdf documents associated the correction.
NOTE Update reflects the following:
Required Onex Revision Log: Last Updated September 9, 2013
Optional Onex Revision Log: Last Updated March 18, 2014

Injury Update: I was having difficulty bending my left index finger due a sharp pain. Looking at the contusion, palmer aspect, left by the internal injury something looked off. A black spot. I lanced the contusion and removed two pieces of shrapnel left over from the drill bit. I now have 99.57% range of motion. Meets Lean Six Sigma requirements for repair.

Days worked since last accident: 2
Best Record: 2 Days
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It is hard work....

It is hard work....

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