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Date:  5-4-2014
Number of Hours:  5.00
Manual Reference:  EAA 1000 .pdf
Brief Description:  Work Benches

Onex saga begins….

I built two EAA Chapter 1000 work benches today. They are 24 x 60 inches each. Two hours into the build and the #3 Phillips drill bit slipped from the screw head, the drill then accelerated to maximum RPM, and the bit entered my epidermis, left index finger at the knuckle, ricochet of the proximal phalanges (bone) at 300-345 rpm, and then smashed into the opposite side skin. In the second it took for me to recognize that the quality of my life was about to be change I had lost about an ounce of blood. After an awe s*** moment followed by some basic first aid I was able to control the bleeding.

Ok, for the record, I only had one (1) beer. And I did not consume it all before the accident.

I grabbed my trauma bag and went to work. As I was holding direct pressure on the wound I thought to myself, self, do you really want to go to the ER and waste an f****** whole day? I mean its Saturday, early afternoon and all the little kids playing Little League and skateboarding that hurt themselves are in the ER waiting room. And you have tools and lumber everywhere. So I a manned-up and broke out the tactical surgical and suture kit (yes, I keep one around). After flushing the wound with green soap and hydrogen peroxide I then carefully removed all the shrapnel from the screw tip from the wound. I put in two stitches with a suspect suture kit and bamm! It hurt but I was back in business. I prescribed myself a Mikes Hard Lemonade and completed the mission.

Isabella thought it was the coolest thing and my wife and her best friend though I had murdered a squirrel or small animal. Anyway.

Days worked since last accident: 0
Best Record: 0 Days
(not off to a good start)
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