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Date:  6-24-2013
Number of Hours:  0.00
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Brief Description:  Squeezer Failure

I researched my options for "fixing" the flap braces where I dimpled them instead of countersinking. On VAF, I found two options. (1) Countersink the hinge and back it with a piece of .025 aluminum strip, or (2) Flatten the dimples with a squeezer and countersink the brace. There were pros and cons to both methods, with opinions that Van's Aircraft was ok with either as long as you only flattened the dimples one time. One of the builders on VAF chose to flatten the dimples but later posted that this bent his flap brace and he had to order a new one.

I decided to flatten the dimples and then countersink the brace. To minimize bending the brace while squeezing the dimples flat, I clamped a long piece of aluminum angle to the brace. This seemed to be working but then my pneumatic squeezer blew apart in my hand. I picked up the pieces that I could find and will call Avery Tools in the morning to see if they can repair it or if I need to purchase a new one. Needless to say, I was done for the night. My order from Stein Air is not scheduled to arrive until later, so I may cut the pushrods to length tomorrow night and drill the ends. Gotta keep moving forward.
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