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Date:  3-20-2013
Number of Hours:  2.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Countersink Left Main Spar, Dimple Skins

I realize that I am not building a watch but just one day this week, I would like to NOT be reminded! I finished countersinking and priming the left wing main spar. I began dimpling the top, outboard, left wing skin. I had it propped on a stepstool and it fell off and bent a corner. I straightened it out but I can still tell what happened. I edge prepped the aileron brackets and was going to start assembling them when I discovered that I am missing two of the Bearing Com 3-5 from the small parts bag. I had inventoried the everything except the small bags of rivets, etc., and now I'm two bearings short. The bag is still sealed. I thought that I would just order two more and when I looked at Van's order webpage "The List" I discovered that each bearing is $15.00! I sent an email to Van's explaining my predicament and will see if they will send the two missing parts even though I did not do a timely inventory. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
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