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Date:  3-12-2013
Number of Hours:  5.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Left Wing Top Skins

I removed the left wing top skins and devinyled, edge finished and deburred them. A file made quick work of the scarf joint where the two skins will overlap and meet at the tank. I countersunk the main spar on the top in the area where the tank attaches and primed the countersinks. I squeezed the rivets in the top holes of the ribs where they attach to the main spar. I deburred and dimpled the tops of the left wing ribs using the squeezer and finished off the night by devinyling, edge finishing, deburring and dimpling the left wing walk doubler. UPS delivered my order from Aircraft Spruce today with EZ Turn lube and several sizes of MSP-4X Cherry Max rivets. I will used these to attach the leading edges to the spar if bucking solid rivets doesn't work out. I plan on leak testing the right tank this weekend after I purchase some balloons.
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