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Bill's Glasair Odyssey
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Date:  11-1-2007
Number of Hours:  1.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Lay Out of Aileron Bellcranks

I decided to make new aileron bellcranks after I measured the two I had that one of the previous builders had made. They were not bad but they varied some in the dimension between the left and right sides. The next problem was that the drawings to make the parts were missing from my book. Fortunately, Glasair Aviation took mercy on me and sent me copies. They have been great about supporting me. I spent about a hour laying out the drawing and making flat pattern drawings for new bellcranks. I am also designing a new LH bellcrank that will have a provision for the autopilot servo. That will eleminate on additional bracket. I will start the work tomorrow.
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