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Mike and Elisabeth CH750 build
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Date:  8-8-2012
Number of Hours:  0.50
Manual Reference:  75-FA-2 Page 9
Brief Description:  Lower Rudder Hinge/Rear Tie down

With a hacksaw, trim the Longerons flush with the aft edge of the Bottom Skin and the Side Skins. Cleco the

Middle Rudder Hinge Plate, Rudder Hinge Shim, and Lower Rudder Hinge Plate to the BottomSkin.

Rudder Hinge Shim is positioned between the Longerons and flush with the aft edge of the Bottom Skin. Use a #30 drill bit to expand the holes, then expand the holes with a #20 drill bit and Cleco.
Expand the center hole to 5/16” for the Tie Down Ring.
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