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Date:  10-4-2010
Number of Hours:  8.50
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Install gear micro switches

With the great help of my favorite son-in-law, Micheal, we got a lot accomplished. Got the electrical connections hooked up to the gear again so that we could operate it. Installed a nose down micro switch on the stop bar for the overcenter linkage. Nose gear down switch on the canard bulkhead so that it senses the closing of the pilot side gear door. Installed Main gear down switch on the overcenter linkage where the over center bar engages. Installed main gear up on overcenter linkage where both sides come in close proximity in the linkage vertical position.

Also ran brake lines through conduit above the left and right tunnel. Mounted brake resevior on pilot side of nose compartment in front of canard.

Mounted engine main alternator
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