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Date:  1-12-2010
Number of Hours:  3.00
Manual Reference:  8.1.1
Brief Description:  Adjust tow-in of tires

To prepare for the construction of the wheel wells, toe-in had to be determined. Projected a point down from nose to floor. Project a poing from center of firewall to floor. The center of the firewall was confirmed by a drill hole in the lower cowling flange as well as measuring between the wing attach bolt holes. Drew a line between these two marks on the floor to establish a centerline Set a laser against each axle and spotted 2 marks, one just ahead of the tire and one at the nose. Measured the distance from each of these marks to the centerline. The right side was toed in about 2 inches and the left about 4 inches. Put a .02 shim under the front 2 bolts on the left side to reduce the camber to about 2 inches. We are now ready to cut holes for the wheel wells.
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