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Date:  11-24-2015
Number of Hours:  2.00
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STILL doing testing of glue joints!

Joints made with ordinary clear epoxy, freshly cut wood and very little clamping pressure were mostly successful. But some were starved of glue due to an increase of penetration soaking up the glue.

I've decided to repeat the tests, allowing a soaking time, then a second or third application of glue before closing the joints.

My first attempt at this was a disaster because the larger pot of mix I made exothermed in the pot!

I will try again using 2 seperately mixed pots this time!


Joints made the same way but with straight J-B Weld were very strong but still lacked penetration.


With the next batch of test joints, I will test the success rate of joints left to set in the vertical plane.
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