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Date:  10-16-2015
Number of Hours:  0.75
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Brief Description:  Glue choice

I have learnt that suppliers of resorcinol glue don't date stamp their products.

There are stories on-lime about people experiencing glue failures, using so-called "certifed aircraft resorcinol" that has deteriorated because it is some supplier's old stock!

Experience has revealed that clear epoxy sets very brittle, deteriorates when exposed to weather and sunlight, isn't as waterproof as it is claimed to be and dismally fails breakage tests.

I simply don't trust either of these glues.

I made a number of pine glue joint test pieces, using J-B Weld.

It is also epoxy based, but my passed experiences with it have revealed it to be far superior to any other glue I've used.

I plan to break these test pieces apart in a week's time and examine the results.

If the glue holds and the wood breaks, I will build the aircraft using this glue.
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