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The RV-10 Dream
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Date:  6-1-2014
Number of Hours:  2.70
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Transition training RV-10

Today I did a couple of flights with Andrew McIntosh in his RV-10.

He is an instructor and Air Traffic Controller by trade and given his experience in the RV-10 and offered up his help, I gladly took up the offer.

We did a whole lot of work on stalls, steep turns, a couple of landings on both grass and paved runways and looked carefully at the nature of the aircraft and its handling characteristics.

We finished off with a number of landings.

Lessons learned:
a. Everyone who builds MUST do this before they fly. Why? Becuase it offers up too much information not to.
b. The visual diffrerences between aircraft you may fly and these is quite diffferent. It takes some getting used to.
c. It is great to get experience from someone who already has done it before.
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