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The RV-10 Dream
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Date:  5-13-2012
Number of Hours:  16.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  AP Servo installation and Right Wing Skin

Over the weekend, I completed the following:

1. Installed the Right Wing Pitch servo for the AP
2. Attached the skin for the right wing.
3. Added a grommet to the condit ready for the servo wires
4. Started on the right wingtip.

Been quite a big weekend. The servo was mounted Saturday morning. No real hassells here, very straight forward. However, I still have some questions on setup that were not provided.

The question is, What position should the servo arm be in when ailerons are set to neutral? Mid way between the AP servo stops? I am sure I will find out at some point but it was expected as it is fairly fundemental for flight....

Skin took the rest of Saturday and then half of Sunday. Into Sunday evening I worked on the attachment of the right wingtip to the wing.

My daughter even helped completing the drilling while I held the wingtip in position.
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Servo mounted (arm mounted and removed for skin attachement)

Servo mounted (arm mounted and removed for skin attachement)

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