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The RV-10 Dream
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Date:  4-17-2011
Number of Hours:  8.00
Manual Reference:  7.2-5 Rudder
Brief Description:  Riveted Rudder together

Well Dad again helped me out with the build and was again invaluble. We started and almost completed riveting the rudder together.

Everthing was going well, rivets going in nicely, however, there is some tricky manouvering required to get the stiffened skins together. It is quite difficult to get the pop rivet gun in between the skins. Especially with the tank sealant trailing edge being managed and the correct overlap of the skin stiffeners being managed as well.

Due to focus on the job at hand, no photos were actually taken of the rudder going together, however, it went well, UNTIL I looked again at the plans and noticed that the rivets installed by pneumatic squeezer for the lead spar to the skin were in fact 3-3.5 not 3-3. Aaaaarrrrhhhhh!!!!!!

Well after some calls, a review on the internet against military specs, a diligent application of the micrometer, and a discussion with the tech coluncillor and Vans, although not according to plan, they are within tolerance (see below). As I always tell my daughter, RTFM..... :-)

NOTE: Reference:

Based on the calculation of the existing 3/32" rivets: Driven Head widths (above dimple) > 0.14 (minimum > 0.122) and the Driven Head height > 0.04 -> 0.044 (minimum > 0.038). It was noted that previously measured dimpled hole diameters were ~0.097. These are within the tolerences set by the military specs on Vans site. Also given the nature of thier location and wind protection, it was deemed functional for purpose.
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Rudder sitting on side awaiting edge completion and counterweight

Rudder sitting on side awaiting edge completion and counterweight

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3-3 (left) not 3-3.5 (right) rivets.....  doh!

3-3 (left) not 3-3.5 (right) rivets..... doh!

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