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Swinnys 4 Place Bush Explorer
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Date:  1-25-2011
Number of Hours:  4.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Unpacked the Engine

Due to the recent floods and very wet weather here in Brisbane, I started to worry about the engine so decided to remove it from the crate and move it to a location that I can better care for it until installation.
Even though I intend to initially install a fixed pitch Catto prop, I ordered a constant speed engine as maybe at sometime in the future I'll install a constant speed prop.
I intend to remove the governor adaption unit and oil line and plug the crank shaft (after removing the internal small plug inside the crank shaft)

Due to many diversions and constant wet weather, I've done very little in the workshop in recent weeks.
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New I0-375-M1S (205HP) engine

New I0-375-M1S (205HP) engine

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