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Swinnys 4 Place Bush Explorer
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Date:  11-19-2014
Number of Hours:  8.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Searching for cowl locking parts

Having decided a few days ago as to which cowl closure Latches I was going to use, I then had to track down all of the components required.

The light green receptacle plate in the attached picture was a bit of a surprize when I found out that the list price is $200 a piece. (Bugger, I need 4 )

I already had 3 of the over straps and only one of the wing type quarter turn fasteners.

I bought two new recptacle plates for $40 each before I finally managed to find a Baron wreck and recovered two more straps and 3 receptacle plates for free and ended up purchasing the fasterners new from Milspec Products in Florida.
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The final solution

The final solution

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