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Swinnys 4 Place Bush Explorer
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Date:  3-11-2012
Number of Hours:  10.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Cable ties everywhere.

I'm afraid I'm no purest when it comes to securing the wiring looms into well supported bundles using the waxed thread of yesteryear.
It's taking long enough as it is and I just love the coloured cable ties. They are strong and do a great job.
I find that I constantly place them and cut them off to add another wire and then reinstall another.
Fast and simple and they will outlast me!.

Whilst I labeled all the wires when placing them into the bundles, so that the correct connection is made at the other end, I made the mistake of not retaining the labling once the connections are completed on some wires and I also should have used the diffent coloured cable ties for the different wiring looms for easy ID, however once again I feel that if it all works when I'm finished, like every vehicle I've ever owned, I've never played with the wiring.

If someone wants to upgrade or rearrange the wiring on this aircraft at some future time, I'm sure they'll work it all out!!
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