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Swinnys 4 Place Bush Explorer
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Date:  3-6-2010
Number of Hours:  4.00
Manual Reference:  Page 38
Brief Description:  Layout

When studying the instrument panel and the cabin front top skin assembly and the assembly sequence suggested in the drawings and manual, it was clear that a far greater degree of difficulty was going to be encountered if the instrument panel, ( and all items between it and the firewall) were not completed prior to installation of the panel and the forward cabin top skin.

I decided that the layout and fitting of all instruments had to be done before going too much further with the cabin structure assembly so time invested now finalising radio stacks etc would save a considerable time later.

So I made a stiff card mock up of the panel and started the design thereof.

I note that there had been no allowance in the constuction timeframe for this, however I'm sure that this will add many hours to the overall man hours to complete the project.
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