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Date:  3-16-2015
Number of Hours:  4.30
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  MLG Outer Cover fit nutplates

Fitted remaining nutplates, setting and removing 4 or 5, (including the first) until refine the technique.

Wot I Do

Drill pilot hole through both parts, ream to 3/16"

Remove Cover

Fit nutplate on upper surface (ie. bottom) of flange with screw through center

Drill first rivet hole and cleco.

Drill second hole and remove all, replace nutplate on lower surface with screw set loosely.

Place clecos through rivet holes, adjusting holes with drill if neccessary, tighten screw.

Remove one cleco, insert rivet

Set flat of rivet tool on flat head of rivet, set convex pin on bit to be squeezed underneath. Squeeze. Stop before the squeezed bit fractures and falls off.

Remove other cleco and repeat.

Remove screw, inspect squeezed bit, and see if you can pick it off.

If is a fail, refit the screw, drill it out and start again. Rivets are nice and soft and drill easily. but the nutplate bends when the rivet lets go if not held in by screw.

Countersink rivet hole, and debur on
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No photos of the process, they ALL show my back being mysterious

No photos of the process, they ALL show my back being mysterious

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