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Home of the Spodplane
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Date:  2-11-2018
Number of Hours:  2.00
Manual Reference:  20-07
Brief Description:  TC Inspection #2 & Control hardware

Drilled 3/32" hole in bending jig next to one of the pins, and cut up another bolt for a longer pin.

After trapping the end of the free end of a hook I could make a 90 bend, then wrap it around the pin like a pigtail. Bend the hook at 90 degrees to the spiral and I have a perfect aft Rudder return spring hook,

Len Dyson turned up then, for my second TC visit from SAAA. Work so far recieved his approval, with no corrective work suggested, except for injecting some resin into voids in the interior 1 x BID of the spar. Will only be able to do it where it can be seen, but I see the wisdom. He wants to visit again when the Wings are skinned. I'll probably do the Winglets as well.

When he left, after we shared a nice bottle of shiraz, I didn't feel like doing anything critical, so made up a test CS-72 Rudder cable pulley bracket out of thin Al flashing to try and make sense out of the diagram and find the size of the material I will need. Looks lovely!
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