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Home of the Spodplane
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Date:  4-19-2016
Number of Hours:  1.00
Manual Reference:  13-11
Brief Description:  Canard brace

BID has arrived! Now have all the foam and glass I need to complete the airframe. Most of it went straight up to the attic, as I won't need it until the Spodplane is in the new shed.

Remembering how hard taping inside the nose bowl was I decided not to tape the Canard brace, but copied the plans method of fitting the nose sides.

I covered the foam join with masking tape, prepped and 1 x BID over the underside of the brace, leaving a 1" unwet overlap, pinned to the underside with nails. Left it for 1.5 hours until a bit tacky.

Roughly floxed the brace in position, released and wet out the overlap. Was a bit short on one side, so put a small tape there.

Camera got recalcitrant, and no usable pictures of the part in place.
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