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Date:  7-1-2014
Number of Hours:  10.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Electronics

Electronics is up and configuring the system and getting used to it took some time and will probably do further on to.
Autopilots works and the yoke moves when told, theres allot of small setting in the system needing to get done, allot AHA so thats why!

I also blew a fuse in the Electronic box, "the red box" and it was very easy to reset it using my computer to reset it via a lan cable.

Air tubing connections for the static altimeter is in and it works like a charm, its so sensitive that it can feel the difference in 30cm height.

i had to redo the resistors on the flaps lever since i wanted values with more spatial difference, when entering the values in the computer.
i also found a bug in th eiefis thats beeing adressed, when connecting the VPX power unit, the efis thinks it should get it values from there and resets my input as im using analog input to the ibox central unit.

it took allot of emails to get it cleared out why it was happening, i figured out the cause my self so just waiting for the computer manufacturer to patch it,.
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