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Date:  5-28-2014
Number of Hours:  8.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Planning & documenting of electrical system.

So ive been planning the electrical system in my savannah after comming home form my trip to South Africa, where i bought my avionics, im now back on track and have begun to plan ahead.

Electrical system was planned wire by wire, cable by cable in Ms Visio, just the other day i cursed att ms office cause it wanted to install Ms visio viewer, two days later im using it rigioursly.

By splitting the system in different sections i could figure out how many wires was needed to go to the front and other to stay in the back.

So South Africa was really nice,the contrast between poor and rich was deff there, i got a week vacation and also my equipment.

Also got the holes cut for the Panels.
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