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Date:  12-1-2013
Number of Hours:  7.00
Manual Reference:  ch 23
Brief Description:  Mounting of plastic tips.

This was probably the hardest so far, the plastic tips were uneven and all of them needed some grinding to get a good fitment so i could get more straight edges.

Im not satisfied to 100%, i hope it will look allot better when the parts gets some paint later on, which as of, i havent decided what its look like yet.

I have to say thanks to my friend "Hans" for giving me the tamplet so i quickly could drill the holes on the tips, made it allot easier, ive already given him a Whisky for the inventory list =), can i pamper him more?

I Also attached the plastic tip for the fin temporarly untill i get my Aveo engineering Positrobe MiniMax, which reminds me i need to buy some cable, 20 AWG 3 wire shielded.

The plastic over the trim on the left side has rivnuts so maintence is easier, also bought some really nice M4 allen-screws.

Also ordered is the Parachute from Lithuania, found a REALLY good price compared to other dealers in Europe that took €720 more for same product. Magnum 501SSP AKA Junkers.
That and the strobes =)
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